Houston Aggie Moms’ Scholarship Receipent Luke Cabell with

HAMS Boutique Chair Cara Reid

Academic Achievement Award

Houston Aggie Moms awarded 

The George P.F. Jouine Award

In recognition of Lieutenant Jouine’s service and his achievements as a successful post-war engineer, since 1958, the year following his death, the Corps of Cadets has annually recognized the most outstanding scholastic unit with the George P.F. Jouine Award.

Each member of Squadron 3 receives a cord compliments of Houston Aggie Moms’ that they proudly wear with their uniform.

1st Place

Squadron 3

2nd Place

Company D-1

3rd Place TIE:

B Company & Squadron 20


Congratulations to the 2020-2021 Major Flag Award winners! The Major Flag Awards recognize the outstanding achievements of our cadets & our outfits who distinguished themselves throughout the 2020-2021 year. Well done cadets!
View the list of winners at tx.ag/CorpsAwards


Announcement Regarding 2020-2021 Houston Aggie Mom Scholarships

Due to Covid-19, the process for our scholarship fund disbursement had to change for the upcoming academic year of 2020-2021.

In normal years, our Houston Aggie Mom Scholarship Committee is responsible for selecting the scholarship recipients.  This spring, our club’s recipients will be chosen by the Texas A&M Office of Scholarship & Financial Aid (SFA).  Recipients of our scholarship will continue to be deserving Houston area students. In order to qualify for consideration, a student must have applied through the Scholarship Office by their February 1st deadline.

We understand this is a change from our normal process.  This year brings many disruptions and adjustments, along with “firsts”.  The desire of Houston Aggie Moms’ Club is to continue awarding scholarships to students in our Houston area zip-codes and this solution allows us to do that.  SFA will notify scholarship recipients over the summer.

Any additional changes or new information will be posted here.


In 1976, through the sale of an Aggie Mom’s Cookbook, our club set precedent by presenting Texas A&M with a $25,000 President’s Endowed Scholarship. Since then, we have presented hundreds of scholarships to deserving students.

In 1958, the Houston A&M University Mothers’ Club voted to present an award to the Corps Unit with the highest scholastic rating.

Houston A&M University Mothers’ Club Jouine Award

To review Texas A&M University scholarship requirements, deadlines, and application processes, go to the TAMU Scholarship & Financial Aid Website.

PRESIDENT’S ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP – This four-year scholarship is a $3,000 award presented annually to an outstanding high school senior who is nominated by his or her school Principal or Counselor and maintains the required GPA. 

ENDOWED OPPORTUNITY AWARD SCHOLARSHIP – Is a $1,250 a year award given to two outstanding students based on required GPA.

ENDOWED SUL ROSS SCHOLARSHIP – Three $1,200 scholarships awarded to members of the Corps of Cadets.  Address inquiries to Commandant’s Office.

ENDOWED MATHEMATICS TEACHING ASSISTANT AWARD – This fund provides stipends for teaching assistants in the Mathematics Department.  Address inquiries to the Head of the Mathematics Department.

ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE ENDOWED SCHOLARSHIP FUND – One-year scholarships of $1,000 awarded on academic merit 2.5 GPR and financial need. 





HOUSTON A&M UNIVERSITY MOTHERS’ CLUB SCHOLARSHIP – The Houston recipients ($500.00 per semester) are:

Rachel Berg
William Chisholm
Robert Choate
James Corban
Gabrielle Foox
Alexis Gervasio
Ryan Nehring
Stephanie Walker
Jacqueline White
Christa Winburn


The Houston A&M University Mothers’ Club Scholarship Requirements and Application are available online. The dollar amount and number of scholarships awarded are determined by the board each year.

Additional contributions are awarded to sanctioned organizations on campus in the name of The Houston A&M University Mothers’ Club