President’s Letter

Greetings From The President
Houston Texas A&M University Mothers’ Club

Howdy Aggie Moms!

It is my honor to serve as your president for 2021-2022. This year’s theme is “Bonded by Tradition”. Aggies love their traditions and find great happiness and unity in them. As we move forward this year we want to honor and recognize the things that make Texas A&M such a wonderful place for our students.

We can all be proud that our sons and daughters have the opportunity to excel at Texas A&M. While experiencing the educational and social opportunities, your student will grow personally in ways neither you nor he/she could have imagined.

One of our objectives at Houston Aggie Moms is to provide a similar experience for you. It is our tradition to provide support, information, friendship, opportunities for service and fun for the members of our organization as we all transition through this phase of parenting.

While supporting you, we also work to support “Aggieland” by funding scholarships and various campus organizations. There are many opportunities to join in the mission; participate in activities, serve on committees, be a member of our Board, support our auction/fundraisers, attend our meetings, join in social events, and some new things we have in store for you! We urge you to be as active as possible to ensure the greatest level of enjoyment and success.

If you are new to TAMU, I promise you we will guide you through the traditions and “The Other Education” to help you understand this unique world your Aggie has entered. If you are an Aggie, you will enjoy the opportunity to share the wonderful traditions of your beloved university.

Thank you for your enthusiasm and support, both of Aggie Moms and the University.

Gig ‘em,

Kathy Roth Choate

President 2021-2022

Houston Texas A&M University Mother’s Club